Welcome to Devepiphany, a blog for the casual developer/IT person who wants to get a handle on the good stuff happening in the realms of development nowadays.

Why yet another blog, you ask? Well, let me introduce myself – I work for Red Hat as a Domain Solution Architect; my daily job is taking the complex software that evolves from the Open Source communities and trying to explain it to people who would benefit from it. Luckily, for me at least, I love developing and in my previous incarnation was a long term freelance developer, so I’m in the wonderful position of knowing what it is like to have technology dropped on you.

So this blog is my attempt to share some of that understanding; I need to simplify things so I understand them, and in doing that I really enjoy sharing what I’ve discovered.

This is not an official Red Hat blog, but instead somewhere where I can enthuse about things I’ve got my head around in a way that I hope people will enjoy and get something from.

Going to be honest, most of the posts are going to be about Containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift, mostly because that’s what I get to play with every day but also because I see a real advantage for devs nowadays to use these platforms and approaches to make our lives easier.

The state of the industry at the moment is that we really have seen an explosion in innovation and complexity and, in my opinion, there is a widening gap between the technology surge and the people who have to use it. There’s just too much stuff happening too quickly. So this blog is a deep-breath, simple guide to what these technologies actually do and why they are useful; plus loads of demos and bits of code.

Caveat – like most people in the industry I’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of changes and new stuff, and as a human being my gut reaction is always to fall back on stuff I know, so apologies in advance; I’m an old-school coder who likes JAVA and, gasp, still will use a frame and the JavaScript DOM. So amongst the new stuff you’ll find some glaring ‘old fart’ moments.

Finally, the style of the site will be minimal; I have a bad habit of getting a bit of OCD about stylesheets and the like, so keeping it minimal and focusing on the content means I won’t spend hours changing the shade of a background element to make it just right…..

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